Business Partners


Industrial Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Engineering and Warehousing

The above company became a business partner during December 2015 when Dry-Tech Aerogels became aware that they would need certain facilities in terms of warehousing, packaging and manufacturing of certain components regarding our R&D programmes where we would need space and the special capabilities of its engineering expertise.

During a board meeting together with Mr. Glen Steel it was decided to incorporate his facilities and expertise in such a way that minimum capital would be required, and then formed a business partner arrangement whereby they will deliver/manufacture and perform other related functions to Dry Tech Aerogels. Typical examples will be where they will pack bulk imports and service as a warehouse that will receive and send products.


Research and Planning

The presentation and attainment of this, or not, in the next few years are going to be decisive for where the Potchefstroom Campus will find itself in ten years’ time within the ranks of SA and world universities, and are directly dependent on the research community’s energy, enthusiasm and innovation on the one side, and on the other side, on management and the support staff’s ability to create an effective and supportive environment for it. The purpose of the web page is, amongst others, to communicate plans, successes and progress and to ensure that we as university community, together with colleagues, can celebrate the attainment of individual and group achievements and can think together about matters of mutual interest.

Department of Research Support

The Department of Research Support (DRS) was established in 1999 as part of the then PU for CHE. It was the result of an external audit and would serve to support the 12 newly established research focus areas. At that stage the university was strongly focused on the teaching / learning programme, with smallish pockets of research excellence. The establishment of the 12 focus areas consolidated the research effort of the university into manageable structures, which could be supported in various ways by the Department of Research Support, led by the then Dean of Research.

After the former Potchefstroom University merged with the former University of the Northwest in 2004, the NWU with its associated structures was established. The Department of Research Support was placed within the Institutional Office in order to support the research effort on all campuses of the university. It now has a Director who reports to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC): Research, Innovation and Technology.

The Department of Research Support (DRS) is the address of all research administration and support at the NWU and offers a specialized staff function to stimulate research and advanced academic education in symbiosis. The DRS also promotes this practice within the University's distinctive approach to scholarship.

In exercising its objectives, the DRS:

• Creates an enabling environment that fosters the development of a University where research and teaching-learning are balanced

• Improves the research profile of the NWU to become one of the top five universities in South Africa in terms of research output, productivity and focused excellence

• Further embeds a relevant and dynamic research culture

• Implements the research capacity development programme

• Monitors the implementation of the research entities model and adjusts if and where necessary: guides and supports new research entities to become established research entities

• Pursues multi and transdisciplinary collaborative research programs

• Pursues relevant and dynamic implementation of expertise, commercialization of research results and community engagement projects


• Optimizes the implementation of expertise in terms of both income and impact.

Institutional Research Support Commission

The Institutional Research Support Commission is here to provide expert advice to the Institutional Senate through the Institutional Committee for Research and Innovation, on the quality of research programs within recognized Research Entities and Research Centers of the NWU. This committee also imparts advice to Institutional and Campus management on research policies and procedures for the promotion of research.



LEMS believes that the best results can be achieved through a holistic approach where sound technological know-how and leading edge technology are aligned to an organisation’s strategy to bring about sustainability and substantial results. LEMS established in 1991, started out as a supplier of lamps and light fittings to the commercial and industrial markets. Has evolved into a full service, Holistic Sustainability solution and Energy Management partner to Business’. LEMS, in conjunction with its Technology partners assist and partner with companies to manage risk and uncertainty related to Sustainability by using a proven techno, Carbon and Energy. Using a proven technology platform and methodology to capture and manage sustainability data. Helping companies Measure, Manage and positively reduce their carbon footprint as well as energy costs.

Mphuthi Engineering Services


Mphuthi Engineering Services is the most competent and most crucial part of every company’s maintenance and manufacturing partner of your business and in the delivery of all products in your distinguished value chain. Every day Mphuthi Engineering Services delivers products to all our satisfied customers in support of all their business operations. We deliver on our promise and within our committed timeframes as follows,

• Authorised applicators for Dry-Tech Aerogels

• Breakdowns as per our scope of work i.e. pumps, bushes, shaft, Impellers etc.

• Machining

• Milling

• Boring

• Slotting

• Manufacturing of specialised items as per drawings

• Refurbishing of pumps and gearboxes

• Light to Medium Fabrication

• Laser Alignment on all pumps

• Balancing

• Valves, Actuators as well as Instrumentation equipment’s(Authorised distributors for Klinger Mzansi Fluid Control (Pty)Ltd

• Turnkey projects on all steel fabrication

Our vision and mission is to be a focused Engineering and Manufacturing company, delivering integrated, efficient, safe, reliable and cost-effective services to promote economic growth in South Africa. We aim to achieve this goal by increasing our market share, improving productivity and profitability and by providing appropriate capacity to our customers ahead of demand. Our clients are our partners.



Aspen Aerogels is a leading energy technology company providing innovative thermal management solutions to the $2.8 billion energy insulation market.

Aspen’s aerogel insulation is up to five times more effective than traditional insulation materials, while being industrially robust across a broad temperature range in a space-saving, easy-to-use form, making it the most efficient industrial insulation on the market. Our products are used by leading global companies in key energy market segments including Refining, Petrochemical, LNG, Power, and Subsea.



Svenska Aerogel AB aspires to be a world-leading supplier of environmentally friendly aerogel based material. The material can be applied to an endless array of products from air filters and insulation to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Our approach to attain success is to collaborate with our industrial and academic partners to tailor-design our material for enhancing the performance of processes and products. We believe that by offering innovative, custom designed products and outstanding service; we will be the preferred supplier for aerogel-based material.